What utilities do you use at your home? At your business? Power, gas, water; all of these utilities come from various plants throughout the U.S. How about other utilities? Same deal. Telephone service, internet, cable TV, security and trash collection can all be utilities that have their own facilities requiring perimeter security.

These services require a complex infrastructure to facilitate delivery to the end user. Power lines, telephone lines, T1 lines, gas pipelines, water and sewer are all very deliberate and planned vehicles for such necessities. These run from plants to homes and businesses throughout the country.

Let’s not forget about renewable entry. Wind turbines, solar panels, hydroelectric generators; all these things are vital pieces of equipment that require protection and upkeep. Wind farms, solar fields and other forms of renewable energy production plants all need perimeter fencing and industrial gates to allow vehicles and pedestrians to come and go from the facilities. These vistors range from vendors, service personnel, office staff, clients and more. A durable, secure gate keeps vehicles from being able to enter the premesis without authorization.

Think of all the places that rely on utilities to function. Not only do you need power and water at your home, but businesses require these services as well. While you may think of a power outage as an inconvenience, a business sees it as a loss in revenue. Worse than that, if a hospital doesn’t have power and water, lives can be lost. These public utility services are integral to our way of life, and we would be hard pressed to function without them for any significant length of time.

StrongWeld industrial gates are built to stand the test of time.  Built strong, durable, and relatively maintenance-free, these gates are long lasting solutions to perimeter access and security concerns for many plants and facilities throughout the United States.  When you need an automatic gate for your facility, think FDC Gates.


Our Strongweld gates are exactly what you have been looking for, a secure gate Investment that is Lightweight, Durable a Mill Finish to keep it Maintenance Free / Won’t Rust.