Correctional Facility Gate Systems

FDC has specialized in correctional facility gate systems for over 40 years.  Our highly reliable StrongWeld gates provide maximum strength and durability while providing an easily rolling gate to reduce strain on the operator.  High security facilities require high security gates to keep certain people out and certain people in.  StrongWeld gates come standard up to 40 feet out of the following construction.

Anodized Aluminum Frame

Chain Link Material

Barbed Wire (1-3 Strands)

StrongWeld gates work in conjunction with a slide gate operator such as the HySecurity SlideDriver.  This operator utilizes a drive rail to push and pull the gate along a v-track embedded in the roadway.  This configuration provides maximum security and ease of use.

Why StrongWeld?

Durability and Reliability. When security matters, correctional facilities rely on FDC StrongWeld gates to create a vehicular barrier that is impoosible to penetrate while at the same time going easy on the electric gate operator responsible for moving it repeatedly day-in and day-out.  We make systems that are easy to use and maintain, for both the correctional facility employees and the machines responsible for moving the gates.

StrongWeld gates are built in Melbourne, Florida and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. or overseas.  Our gates reach up the east coast to North Carolina, they head west to Texas, and they even sail to the Caribbean.  Anywhere you need a gate, FDC can deliver.

For over four decades, FDC has delivered on its promise of strong, reliable gate installations for some of the most important correctional facilities in the country.  We have been able to solve some of the trickiest problems and have come up with the most creative solutions the access industry has ever seen.  Put our knowledge to the test.  Contact an FDC representative today to help configure your correctional facility’s perimeter.

Need a Correctional Facility Gate System?

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