Huge Gates

FDC has produced some huge gates over the years. Some of our most impressive huge gates have been used at facilities for FPL (Florida Power & Light), Disney, and other high-security areas.

These huge gates were designed with privacy in mind, keeping prying eyes out of unauthorized areas. Some of these gates were even bulletproof, or anti-ballistic. In areas where security is of top concern, some power plants or utility facilities need the added protection that only a ballistic gate can provide.

StrongWeld gates are built in our Melbourne, Florida facility. Built out of a variety of materials, for a variety of conditions and circumstances, StrongWeld gates are tops when it comes to durability and reliability.

Slide Gates

StrongWeld slide gates slide across a V-track to grant access to vehicles. Slide gates are moved utilizing a slide gate operator.

Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates are used in areas that a slide gate track cannot be used, such as uneven ground or a decline in elevation. These gates use a slide gate operator.

Swing Gates

Swing gates swing open like a door or double doors, allowing vehicles to pass. They utilize a swing gate operator or pair of operators if two gates are used in tandem.

Lift Gates

Lift gates lift up and out of the way allowing vehicles to pass underneath. They utilize a lift gate operator.

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