The manufacturing industry is how we get all the things we use daily. Products, goods, packaging, food, beverage, you name it. It takes raw materials and turns them into a new product – often one we can’t live without! From there these goods are distributed through transportation channels to various outlets such as retailers, living facilities, government agencies and more.

Manufacturing starts with an idea, goes through a design phase, then development and research dictates the rest of the story. While manufacturing is an all-encompassing term, fabrication is often the term used for metalwork and semiconductor types of products.

For most U.S. manufacturing plants, perimeter security can consist of fencing and industrial gates to keep assets and employees safe. The transportation of raw materials to the site and the storage of materials and final products are of top concern until they go into distribution.

Did you know manufacture means “the process of making?”

Let’s talk products. Vehicles, computers, electronics, toys, pharmaceuticals, snacks, drinks, furniture; all of these things are manufactured. Materials are various. Products range from large and dangerous to petite and delicate. Some are valuable, some are invaluable. All have their place, and that place needs to be an access controlled environment so that materials and products don’t grow legs and wander off.

Perimeter security can take many forms.  Commonly a perimeter fence and gate get the job done.  Sometimes the vehicular gate requires a guard station, other times an access panel or call box suffice.  Turnstiles and pedestrian gates cover the foot traffic, often with a credential such as an employee badge granting access.  Depending on the level of security needed, fences can be topped with climb deterrents such as barbed wire.

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