The security of your facility is of utmost importance. That is why FDC StrongWeld gates are the first choice for many power plants, utilities companies and service centers. Highly durable, high-traffic gates that stand up to the elements and create a sense of security with just a glance.

StrongWeld industrial gates are the industry leader in high-security gated entrances for sensitive and restricted areas. StrongWeld gates open quickly and smoothly thanks to their unique, balanced design and strong, light-weight materials. The combination of strong, durable gate along with the V-track provide a very secure entrance solution.

If a gate isn’t secure enough, FDC can also provide anti-ram, anti-terrorism vehicle crash barriers that can stop a semi-truck in its tracks. These crash beams or crash gates utilize a very precise combination of conrete and steel cabling to create a barrier that cannot be beat. These are often used at highly senstive areas like military bases, ports of call, etc.

StrongWeld gates are used for correctional facilities, creating a huge impenetratable wall around the compound with only one way in our out. High-traffic, correctional-grade operators are paired with these gate systems creating the ultimate in security, protection and reliability. Various barbed and razor wire options are available to maxmimize security.

StrongWeld SecuraSwing gates are used at courthouses and government facilities to keep parking areas secure as well as restrict pedestrian access to secure areas. Our pedestrian gates can also be built in a variety of fabrics to match an existing aeshetic.