Custom Gate Designs

For over 40 years, FDC has been providing clients with a wide range of custom gate designs. Our StrongWeld security gates come standard with an anodized aluminum frame and chain link material.  These gates can be built up to 40 feet in length standard.  If a wider opening needs to be covered, we suggest speaking with an FDC consultant ASAP to determine the best solution for covering such an area.  While larger gates can be built, there are sometimes different solutions that are more advisable.  Check with a consultant to learn more.

Ornamental Gates

While FDC StrongWeld gates tend to be our most requested product, we also provide an array of ornamental designs for gated communities and private residences as well.  Whether you have dreamed up a design of your very own, or need a template to start from, FDC has provided numerous clients with an ornate, decorative gate solution that matches the feel or aesthetic of the property.

You have a design in mind?  Contact an FDC consultant today to see if we can build it.

Need a little help?  See some of our gate design templates to give you a head start, and then if you want we can customize from there.

Look at our samples.  See one you like?  Tell us the name.

Like it as-is?  Great, we’ll pick a size and color scheme and get you a price.

Want it just a little different?  No problem, we’ll notate the changes and get you a price.

Want it shipped anywhere in the country?  No problem.  Want it shipped out of the U.S.?  Again, no problem.