Corrections, or correctional institutions, are government facilities used to punish, treat or supervise people who have been convicted of crimes. The jobs of correctional officers include enforcing rules to keep order within jails and prisons by supervising inmates. There is a wide-array of security and safety protocol that need to be followed in these environments.


Jails are a place of confinement used to hold people awaiting trial or that are being held for minor crimes. Jail is thought of more of a short term solution. Jails are run by local law enforcement or government agencies and can utilize work release and boot camps. These programs help occupy inmates and rehabilitate.


Prisons are a long term facility. Typically run by the state or Federal Bureau of Prisons, they hold inmates convicted of more serious crimes, typically felony. They offer various levels of custody from minimum to maximum security. Prisons provide more living needs than jails due to their long-term nature. The levels of security dictate the types of perimeter gates and portals needed as well as modes of operation and access control types.

Correctional facilities often utilize a Corrections style of gate operator that opens and closes their industrial gate with the speed and force required to keep security a top priority. Gates and industrial fencing is often topped with additional climbing deterrents such as barbed wire and razor wire. Fencing can also be electrified if necessary.

Perimeter security can take many forms.  Commonly a perimeter fence and gate get the job done.  Sometimes the vehicular gate requires a guard station, other times an access panel or call box suffice.  Turnstiles and pedestrian gates cover the foot traffic, often with a credential such as an employee badge granting access.  Depending on the level of security needed, fences can be topped with climb deterrents such as barbed wire as previously mentioned.

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