Pedestrian Portals

High-performance turnstiles are another pedestrian portals solution provided by FDC. Turnstiles are a great solution to prevent unauthorized access in an outdoor environment. Amusement parks, stadiums, prisons, and more use turnstiles to maintain a safe, proper flow of traffic from area to area.

Turnstiles can also be fitted with revenue control systems to automatically collect fare from rapid transit passengers. Airports, bus stations and subways are some examples of these forms of traffic controlled environments.

FDC pedestrian barriers, turnstiles and e-gates are optimized for high traffic, and can be equipped with a variety of options to suite your needs. Below are some of the various barrier options available.

FDC Turnstiles & E-gates

Waist High Turnstiles

Waist High Turnstiles are commonly used to keep pedestrians flowing in a line formation and are available in various bar, tripod bar or swing gate varieties. They are a high performance, low maintenance entry management solution. Available for high traffic or low traffic.

Wing Style Pedestrian Barrier / Retractable Pedestrian Barriers

Retractable barriers such as bi-parting wings or doors are more modern looking than traditional turnstiles. Barrier panels themselves can be customized to match the look of your facility. Can be automated with various options such as anti-tailgating, LED displays, patron detection and more.

Full Height Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstiles are the ideal high performance, low maintenance entry solution for high security locations that need to limit passage to one person at a time. They come in single or tandem configurations based on the amount of traffic you have.


E-Gates are used in the travel industry to help maximize airport security and passenger convenience by providing an automated method of credential verification and allowing personnel to focus more on the security issues without having to worry about the verification process.

E-gates can be fitted with all manner of accessories including alarms, monitors, card, iris and fingerprint readers, custom detection systems and more to automate access control and credential verification, giving personnel more freedom to focus on safety and security.