Commercial Security Gates

Commercial security gates come in many shapes and sizes. We have a wide array of options for commercial facilities, such as offices, businesses, government buildings, etc.

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Over 30,000 Gates Already Installed


Vehicular Security Gates

FDC manufactures StrongWeld gates from its Melbourne, Florida facility. StrongWeld gates are used in several industrial and commercial sites. Large corporations like Progress Energy, FPL and even NASA rely on FDC for top-of-the-line gated access systems. Our StrongWeld gates provide the maximum in security and reliability. Read more on our Industrial Gates here.

Pedestrian Security Gates

FDC StrongWeld pedestrian gates keep your property secure while allowing access to people on foot. Great for allowing access from company parking lots or keeping restricted grounds secure from passers-by. FDC StrongWeld Pedestrian Gates are available in a variety of fabrics, including aluminum, steel, and chain-link just to name a few. Electric locking mechanisms and well as magnetic locks are also available.

FDC StrongWeld pedestrian gates come equipped with the SecuraSwing gate closer to ensure your gate closes every time. The SecuraSwing is the ultimate gate closing device for any gate. The SecuraSwing is a fully concealed, commercial grade, hydraulic closing device located in the gate leaf. Gate closes softly and securely every time. Two stage closing adjustment allows for independent sweep and latch check speed adjustment. Device spring is sized to match gate width and weight.

StrongWeld SecuraSwing Gates


· Independent hydraulic controls for sweep and latch speed
· Hydraulic closer concealed without exposed spring and slides
· Designed for high traffic in the most demanding of environments
· Top pivot with zerc fitting for easy maintenance
· Custom built to order or choose from any of our standard gates


High-performance turnstiles are another form of pedestrian security gate. They prevent unauthorized access in an outdoor environment. Amusement parks, stadiums, prisons, and more use turnstiles to maintain a safe, proper flow of traffic from area to area. They can also be fitted with revenue control systems to automatically collect fare from rapid transit passengers. Airports, bus stations and subways are some examples of these forms of traffic controlled environments.

FDC pedestrian barriers, turnstiles and e-gates are optimized for high traffic, and can be equipped with a variety of options to suite your needs.

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