Airports & Security Gates

Airports are some of the most bustling and most security sensitive places in the country. These hubs for commercial air transport are massive campuses with a considerable variety of facilities located within. Almost like small cities, inside you will find shops, restaurants, rental car offices, trains and more, all working in unison to give travelers a safe and convenient journey toward their destination. And as amazing and seamless as it all appears inside, outside these facilities must be locked down and secured for the safety of everyone inside.

FDC industrial gates are designed for maximum protection for all of the major components of an airport.

Runway/Taxiway. Industrial runway gates keep unauthorized vehicles off of runways and taxiways.

Fire Station. Fire station security gates keep unauthorized vehicles and pedestrians away from fire stations and emergency vehicles.

Fuel Depot. Fuel depot security gates keep fuel resources secure, preventing unauthorized access and reducing accidents.

Maintenance Facility. Maintenance gates keep out non-employees, , preventing unauthorized access and reducing accidents.

Terminal Building. Gates around the terminal building prevent people from accessing it through any means other than authorized entrances.

Control Tower. Tower gates will ensure only authorized personnel will be able to access the control tower.

Hanger. Hanger doors and hanger gates protect aircraft and equipment.

Parking. Parking gates prevent people from accessing or exiting parking facilities without fulfilling the proper payment requirements.

Railway. Turnstiles and other pedestrian gates prevent unauthorized access and help provide safe passage to travelers.

Perimeter security can take many forms.  Commonly a perimeter fence and gate get the job done.  Sometimes the vehicular gate requires a guard station, other times an access panel or call box suffice.  Turnstiles and pedestrian gates cover the foot traffic, often with a credential such as an employee badge granting access.  Depending on the level of security needed, fences can be topped with climb deterrents such as barbed wire.

Industrial airport gates come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Most are high-speed, light-weight gates that prevent vehicles from being able to access grounds without proper clearance while also preventing tailgaters.

Airports are highly-sensitive areas that require maximum security, and FDC Gates are the solution that every airport should use.


Our Strongweld gates are exactly what you have been looking for, a secure gate Investment that is Lightweight, Durable a Mill Finish to keep it Maintenance Free / Won’t Rust.