Government facilities are everywhere. Courthouses, jails, prisons, city halls, fire stations; there are so many different types of government buildings all around us at all times.

Police stations and fire stations are a great example of a facility requiring industrial gates and fencing. They house a fleet of emergency vehicles needing to remain behind lock and key when not in use. Big government buildings with secured parking lots may require access controlled vehicle and pedesterian gates to keep visitors and employees and their vehicles safe.

FDC Gates are top of the line industrial gates for any government facility or application. Built strong for durability, they are also surprisingly lightweight to reduce wear and tear on automation equipment and gate hardware.

StrongWeld Gates are built…

Durable. These gates are strong, hence the name. They stand up to the elements, they stand up to collisions, and they stand the test of time. FDC Gates are manufactured with high quality materials so that they can survive impacts and keep facilities secure.

Longevity. These durable industrial gates last a long time. High quality materials last longer than the competition. These gates are built to be legacy systems, meaning we expect many, many years of performance and protection from this product.

Lightweight. These gates are built light to minimize wear-and-tear on your operator, guides, rollers and other gate hardware.

Maintenance-Free. Made from marine materials that naturally deter rust, your gate can be built with a mill finish that looks great even decades after its installation. A selection of powder coatings are also available for a less industrial look.

FDC Gates also provides a number of pedestrian gates and turnstiles as well. With perimeter fencing running around a campus, there has to be a way in for foot traffic. Often access controlled tursniles are optimal, but somtimes self-closing pedestrian gates (or man-gates) are another option. FDC Gates is the creator of the SecuraSwing hyrdaulic gate closer, perfect for any pedestrian gate at a government facility that needs the gate to close everytime.


Our Strongweld gates are exactly what you have been looking for, a secure gate Investment that is Lightweight, Durable a Mill Finish to keep it Maintenance Free / Won’t Rust.