Chemical Plants

Chemical Plants

Chemical plants are industrial process facilities that manufacture or process chemicals, usually on a large scale. With lots of chemicals to store, and lots being created on any given day, it goes without saying that there is a great need for security. Chemical plants are often surrounded by large perimeter fences and gates, sometimes wiht barbed or razor wire on top as an added security measure.

Chemical plants use special equipment to separate materials. This equipment is a large investment and needs to be protected. Types of chemical plants you might have in your area that require industrial gates may include those that deal with polymers, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage as well as fuels and oil. Other gas plants can work with natural gas processing and refining. Oil refineries, water treatment plants; the list goes on and on.

Chemical plants are designed by chemical engineers to efficiently route chemicals. Lots of planning goes into their design as the storage and movement of these chemicals can be very dangerous in terms of both finances and safety. These chemical processing facilities need to be secured to keep unauthorized people away from these materials.

Lots of chemicals deal with a heating and cooling process, as well as changes to pressure. All very dangerous if proper planning and security protocols are not in place. Access to equipment, pipes, pumps, compressors and vats should all be protected.


It takes a lot to keep chemical plants operational. Not only is the equipment important to protect, but the employees are any businesses most valuable asset. Plants have engineers, plant operators, maintenance technicians, chemists, managers, admins, office workers and more. All of these people need to know which areas are safe for them.

A chemical plant is an important facility that requires isolation from the outside. Industrial facility gates are the first defense against anything that might threaten the safety of the plant and its personnel.


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