FDC StrongWeld Gates

Since 1978, FDC Gates has created StrongWeld industrial gates for some of the country’s most important facilities. Places like Kennedy Space Center, power plants, water treatment plants, correctional facilities and more rely on StrongWeld Gates for their versatility.

Durable. These gates are strong, hence the name. They stand up to the elements, they stand up to collisions, and they stand the test of time. FDC Gates are manufactured with high quality materials so that they can survive impacts and keep facilities secure.

Longevity. These durable industrial gates last a long time. High quality materials last longer than the competition. These gates are built to be legacy systems, meaning we expect many, many years of performance and protection from this product.

Lightweight. These gates are built light to minimize wear-and-tear on your operator, guides, rollers and other gate hardware.

Maintenance-Free. Made from marine materials that naturally deter rust, your gate can be built with a mill finish that looks great even decades after its installation. A selection of powder coatings are also available for a less industrial look.

V-track. These FDC Gates have their weight distributed evenly across two V-wheels, creating a low-stress rolling solution. The track keeps the gate running straight so that it doesn’t curve or bend. That in-turn, keeps the gate from putting uneven pressure on guides and rollers.

Cantilever. These FDC Gates do not slide on a track, instead they are supported by rollers located behind the fencing. The gate remains suspended at all times, so uneven terrain and other issues that would interrupt the use of a track are mitigated.

Swing. Swing gates are attached to hinge posts and suspended by a hinge. When there is no back-track area, swing gates are sometimes your easiest option.

Lift. When there is little wiggle room, sometimes the only way to go is up! Lift gates have large gate posts that pull the gate up over the opening so vehicles can pass underneath. These are usually install at shipyards and other tight, industrial areas.