For checking persons and vehicles
Highly reliable identification and low personnel costs – this was the guiding principle during the development of TerraPass®. Our new TerraPass® screening gateway automatically screens persons and vehicles without people having to leave the vehicle. It is therefore ideal for use at frontiers and at entrances to security-relevant areas such as airports, power stations, company grounds or military bases. The screening process is straightforward for users: the vehicle enters the gateway and the back barrier closes behind them. Then the terminals approach the vehicle windows with pinpoint accuracy. Depending on the configuration, the driver and up to four passengers in the vehicle can be simultaneously screened. Identification of the passengers takes place via the appropriate screening terminals. Identification can take place via biometric features, identification documents, code cards or intercom, depending on the group of persons involved and the security requirements. The data are compared with the appropriate database. After successful identification and with appropriate access rights the terminals move away from the vehicle, the front barrier opens and the vehicle can enter the secured area.

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