Gate Keeper Optical Turnstile Software

GateKeeper is an easy-to-use software program that allows any of Alvarado’s optical turnstiles to be configured, monitored and administered from a Windows-based PC. It allows control of virtually all operational functions, including entry/exit designation, opening/closing lanes or passage overrides.

Gate Keeper Optical Turnstile Software


GateKeeper is a real-time control and monitoring software system designed for use with Alvarado’s Optical Turnstiles.GateKeeper functions as a virtual control panel, allowing the user to configure, control and monitor all aspects and settings of multiple optical turnstiles without the use of hardware switches and alarm panels. The stand alone software is easy to install and configure.  GateKeeper is typically used to: – Control turnstiles throughout a facility – Allow remote opening of lanes by attendant or guard desk – Configure tailgating sensitivity, alarm duration – Automate or schedule routine entry/exit events – Generate reports on passages, violations and alarms GateKeeper replaces traditional switchboard control panels with a PC application that allows Alvarado optical turnstiles to be monitored and controlled remotely from a single desktop PC. The communication is established via a daisychained full duplex, 4-wire RS485 serial cable or CAT5 (depending on optical turnstile model), and can accommodate up to 16 turnstiles per COM port. GateKeeper allows control of virtually all day-to-day operational functions, including designating a lane as entry or exit, opening or closing a lane, or allowing passage overrides. The application also provides immediate visual and audio notification of alarm conditions. It tracks all attendant and alarm activity and a log may be printed or saved for record keeping purposes.

In addition to day-to-day activity, GateKeeper permits those with higher permission levels to configure turnstile settings, such as alarm types and duration, turnstile reset times (if a badge is scanned but no one passes), and tailgate sensitivity. The application provides three levels of security (Administrator, Supervisor and Operator), and has login requirements.

GateKeeper also includes a built in Event Scheduler. This extremely useful tool allows day-to-day operational functions to be scheduled and automatically implemented without the need for a guard or attendant to “remember” to change settings.

Event Scheduler allows operation templates to be saved and then automatically implemented at user defined times. Examples include changing the entry status of lanes (entry, exit, bi-directional control or free passage) at set times of the day. Similarly, a facility may want barriers activated or disabled at select times and/or only specific lanes operational on weekends and holidays. Event Scheduler allows Alvarado’s optical turnstiles to seamlessly integrate into a customer’s operational requirements.

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